Franchising Business – Personal Training Studio

We had a meeting with a client who was thinking about the potential of turning his business into a franchise.  He did not know where to start, what the likely cost would be and if it was possible.  During the meeting we discussed his goals and whether or not they were achievable.  We were able to provide him with advice as to how the ‘big players’ structure their franchises and discussed what has worked and was hasn’t worked for them.  From this we could cover the pros and cons of different setups and structures for his business.

We guided the client through the likely cost of setting up his business for franchising and were able to point him in the right direction for legal and accounting advice.

Before seeing us, our client spent many hours trying to get started but after speaking with us, he felt relieved that we were able to point him in the right direction.  The client now has a clear vision of what needs to be done.  The franchising of his business continues to be a work in progress with us.